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Lindi- 3 legged Borzoi

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New tripawd- Lindi!

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My name is Kayla and here is my dogs story:

Lindi is a 5 year old Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound). Back in June she severed her achilles tendon when she jumped into my jeep. What happened was her hock got caught under the lip of the door, and apparently it was very sharp, so when she tried to free her hock, it sliced all the way down through that tendon to the bone. She had surgery to repair it, but because it was a cut and not a tear (tears are actually easier to heal than cuts because usually the largest part of the tendon stays intact adn the 2 smaller parts tear, instead of being completly cut through all 3 parts), the surgery never took and she had to have another surgery to have a bone plate put on the tendon and an external fixator put on her leg so she could not move it at all. Well this surgery did not take either and when we took the external fixator off of her leg and tested her range of motion, her tendon popped and the skin above the injury tore half way around her leg. So at that point we made the decision to amputate her back right leg.

The Amputation happened on Monday of this week. Today, she is back to normal, no signs of pain ( shes on a lot of pain meds). She is going outside and pottying witthout a problem, she can even get on to my bed! I am amazed how well she is doing and how quickly she is healing! She was unable to use that leg for nearly 3 monthes and therefore i think that helped her out a lot with recovery since she already knew how to balance herself on 3 legs for so long!

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6 Responses to “New tripawd- Lindi!”

  1.   ldillon81 Says:

    YAY! Glad to hear she is doing so well after only 4 days! Keep up the awesome work, Lindi!

  2.   borzoid Says:

    Hi Kayla and Lindi,

    Great to see you here at Tripawds and to hear that Lindi is doing well. I bet she sure is glad to be rid of the plate, fixator and other annoying – motion restricting things. Give her a hug for us.

    Connie and Radar

  3.   Ruth German Says:

    Wow. Did the vet suspect that the surgeries wouldn’t work? I’m glad she’s finally out of pain and doing so well now.

  4.   admin Says:

    Welcome Kayla! Thanks for joining the tripawds community and sharing Lindi’s story here. It’s great to hear she is doing so well. Best wishes for a complete speedy recovery!

    Be sure to search the discussion forums for posts started by borzoid. I’m sure you’d enjoy hearing about three-legged champion, Radar.

  5.   borzoiluvr23 Says:

    I knew from the very beginning that the surgeries may not work and that taking her leg may be neccesary… but i wanted to give her every opportunity to keep her leg. Luckily, i work at 2 vet offices as a vet tech and so i completely understand everything that was done and why it was done and that it may not work… but i did from the very beginning have a feeling that i was going to have to have her leg amputated.

    Today she fell at work and yelped for a few minutes! but other than that shes been doing really well!

  6.   borzoid Says:

    How is Lindi doing? No more falls I hope – even though it’s part of the adjustment process.

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